I tend to have trouble sleeping all the way through the night because I’m a light sleeper. If a neighbor comes home late and slams their car door shut, it wakes me up. Barking dog? Up. Raccoon knocking over a garbage can? Up. Many years ago, I stumbled upon white noise and used a CD of it on an endless loop to sleep through the night. Now we have apps that we can use with our smart devices that do the exact same thing but, because everyone is different, options are given for what sound you’d like to listen to.

Relax Melodies Relax Melodies. This is a free app for both iOS and Android devices that lets you layer as many different sounds on top of each other as you     like! Crickets, frogs, street noise, fan, etc. No need to relegate this app to just bedtime use either. Why not use it while studying, or writing?   It definitely helps you to relax and let go of the day’s stress.

Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep is for Android users and is a lightweight no frills app that also allows you to set how long it runs at night.   Say  you only need it to lull you to sleep for 20 minutes. Just set the timer and the app shuts itself off after that amount of time has passed.   Not as flashy as Relax Melodies but some people don’t enjoy too much flash!

White Noise AmbianceAnother good one for the iPhone is called White Noise Ambiance, a free app that is a lot like Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep but also offers the option to listen to white noise, pink noise, purple noise and blue noise. If you’re not sure how these sounds can benefit you give them a Google and find out. It’s fascinating, really.

If you have trouble sleeping and are looking for something that might help, why not give one of the above apps a try? You might find that you get a better night’s sleep!