I do love to learn even if it occasionally makes my brain hurt. What’s even better, I love knowing I can use my smartphone and tablet to bring my classes with me no matter where I wind up! Khan Academy has been offering free courses online that cover a myriad of subjects for a number of years now and both iOS and Android users can get content on their devices. While the app for iOS users is a bit more robust, I think Android users will get along just fine with the Gallery for Khan Academy app that brings you all the videos that Khan Academy offers. Take a moment and scroll through to see what they have.

PCMAC UdemyUdemy is a lot like Khan Academy except for one thing:  price. Despite the fact that Udemy charges for many of the courses it offers (there are some that are free), you can still read reviews of the course and watch a preview video to see if it’s something you would really be interested in paying for. I won’t lie/ There are two or three that I’d like to take! Worth it? Why not take a look and judge for yourself?

PCMAC Fit BrainsLastly, Fit Brains is a nifty little app for both iOS and Android users that lets you exercise your brain by doing puzzles and tests. Now, there are those who say that apps like Fit Brains don’t do a thing to help make you smarter or sort through problems faster, but I say PFFFT! Who cares what it does? It’s a fun way to relax and if it benefits the gray matter between my ears to boot then good on me.