Does this ever happen to you – You’re sitting around working on something mundane or maybe you’re getting ready to do a super-sized cleaning of your living space and you decide that a little music would be just the thing to help make the task that much more fun. You plug your headphones in to your phone or turn on your computer’s external speakers and you hear a brief crunchy sound. The more you play with the cord the more static you seem to get and the song that’s playing might fade from one speaker to the other. Granted, if you’re listening to Lady Gaga or Marilyn Manson this might be normal but at some point you realize something is amiss. Here are some things to check:

Attach another set of headphones or speakers to the device and see if you still get a crackling sound. If you don’t hear the sound again then you know the other headset/speakers were bad.
Still hearing noise? Try cleaning out the audio jack using an interdental (used to clean braces and dentures) brush. They are easily found at the grocery or pharmacy stores and fit right into the audio jack. Just dip the tip of the brush into some rubbing alcohol, tap off any excess that’s on the tip (we’re looking for moist, not wet), and then *gently* swirl the tip inside the audio jack.

Still no luck? Well, it’s possible that if you’re trying this trick on a device with only one audio jack that the audio card is going bad and will need to be looked at and replaced. ADDITIONAL NOTE: If you’re using a desktop/tower PC, try plugging your headphones/speakers into the 2nd audio out jack. This is located on the front of your tower. If you still get the noise then it’s possible that your sound card is going bad. If you suspect that your sound card or audio connection is bad, give us a call and let us take a look at it for you.