This is more of a How To Keep Repairs Away than a repair secret, but let’s talk about how to keep your computers safe from your babies and vice versa.

  • Keep your computer or laptop in a room with a door that locks. If that’s not feasible –
  • Use a cable manager. You can hide the computer’s cords this way and hopefully keep your child from yanking on them. In a pinch, use Velcro or zip-ties to secure cords.
  • If you have really young kids, get a power strip cover. Safety 1st and Mommy’s Helper both put out products that people seem to like.
  • For tablets and cell phones, be sure you get a rugged device cover to help protect them if your little darlings are in the habit of playing with them.
  • Set a password (please do not tell me that you don’t have a password set) and get in the habit of locking your computer or device by putting it to sleep if you need to walk away for a bit and toddlers are present. That way, little ones who get their hands on them and start playing won’t cause you to lose anything you were working on.(See Mac Corner and PC Corner below for tips.)
  • Finally, keep liquids away from your electronic devices. If your child, pet or you accidentally spill something on your device, shut it off IMMEDIATELY! If you have a laptop, turn it over and shake as much liquid out of it as you can and then place it upside down in a tepee position. Do not use a hair dryer to dry it out. If you have a fan that you can place it next to, use that. Let it sit for no less than 24 hours (preferably 48) and DO NOT turn it on during that time. You run the risk of shorting out the motherboard.
  • With phones that get wet, turn them off IMMEDIATELY (hard reset for iPhones or remove battery for Android phones). Remove anything attached to the phone including the SIM card and shake as much of the liquid out as you can. Again, let it sit for no less than 24-48 hours and resist the urge to turn it on.