If you see a pop-up on your computer that asks you to “Confirm Navigation” and tells you that your computer is blocked, don’t panic! This bit of malware has been making the rounds lately and is easily bypassed. DO NOT CALL THE “help” NUMBER THAT’S ON YOUR SCREEN!!
1. If you are on a Windows computer, Press and hold the Ctrl+Alt keys on your keyboard then tap the Delete key on your keyboard.
2.  On the screen that comes up click on Task Manager.
3. On the pop-up window that appears simply highlight (click once) on the internet browser that’s been affected (i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Edge) and then click on End Task.
4. These alerts have been showing up recently. Do not panic and call the number on the screen.  Microsoft will alert you from time to time but they will never ask you to call them.  Never. You will never be asked by Microsoft to call them. Call us instead and we’ll verify it for you and then fix it.