In early April, Adobe came forward and asked that everyone who uses Adobe Flash Player please update their application. This was due to a security vulnerability within the Flash Player application that could possibly allow a nasty ransomware virus on to a users system. To check your version click here. This will take you to Adobe’s site where you can make sure that you’re running the most current version. If you are not running the current version, please update your Flash Player software by following these steps:


  1. Go to Adobe’s Flash Player download page by clicking here.
  2. WINDOWS USERS!! Please uncheck any Optional offers before downloading!
  3. Click on the yellow Install Now button. This file will now download to your Downloads folder.
  4. Double click on the file and follow the installations steps. Be sure to read everything before clicking Next on each screen.
  5. When completed, you should be taken back to Adobe’s website and it should verify that you have updated your Flash Player. If the web page doesn’t come up, simply click here. to check your version number again.

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