Stay more secure by turning on login alerts in your Settings, change your password regularly (and choose a strong one) and log out of your internet browser when you’re done checking your Facebook.
1. From the Facebook app on your phone, tap the menu button (in the bottom right corner with 3 stacked lines)
2. Tap Privacy Checkup
3. Tap Continue
4. From the Posts screen, it describes that whenever you post from News Feed or your profile, you can choose an audience to control who sees it.
5. Next to Choose Audience, tap the button and select Friends.
6. Tap Done and then Next
7. From the Profile screen, it describes that you should have a look at the information from your profile and decide who to share it with. Remember, your profile may include more than what’s listed there.
8. Next to your phone number, tap the box to indicate that audience that you’d like to be able to view it. (i.e. Public is everyone on Facebook, Friends is just your circle, or Only Me if it’s private)
9. Repeat step 8 for each piece of information from your profile.
10. Tap Next in the upper right corner.
11. From the Apps screen, it describes apps you’ve used Facebook to log into. Some of these you forget ever doing! Now’s the time to reduce the list and stay more secure. Tap the box next to each app to edit who sees each one and delete any app you don’t want anymore by tapping the X next to it.
12. Tap Done.
13. Tap Close.
14. Tap More Settings
15. Tap Security and Login
16. Under Login, tap Change Password then type your Current Password, select and type a New Password then Re-type the New Password.
17. Tap Save Changes