How To Avoid “Virus Alert” Scams

2018-07-10T13:40:41-05:00July 10th, 2018|MAC, PC, SECURITY|

"Microsoft Has Detected A Virus on Your Computer" These annoyingly scary pop-ups are becoming prevalent and causing some computer owners to fall victim to money scams. Here how it works: You’re happily surfing the Internet or reading your email online when suddenly your screen fills itself with this dreaded message. You’re not sure what to do [...]

Internet Browser Malware and What to Do

2018-07-10T13:44:25-05:00February 10th, 2018|SECURITY|

If you see a pop-up on your computer that asks you to “Confirm Navigation” and tells you that your computer is blocked, don’t panic! This bit of malware has been making the rounds lately and is easily bypassed. DO NOT CALL THE “help” NUMBER THAT’S ON YOUR SCREEN!! 1. If you are on a Windows [...]

Facebook Privacy and Security

2017-09-27T12:43:29-05:00September 27th, 2017|APPS, FACEBOOK, MAC, PC, SECURITY|

Stay more secure by turning on login alerts in your Settings, change your password regularly (and choose a strong one) and log out of your internet browser when you're done checking your Facebook. 1. From the Facebook app on your phone, tap the menu button (in the bottom right corner with 3 stacked lines) 2. Tap [...]

How to Update Adobe Flash Player

2017-09-13T13:42:12-05:00September 13th, 2017|MAC, PC, SECURITY, SOFTWARE|

In early April, Adobe came forward and asked that everyone who uses Adobe Flash Player please update their application. This was due to a security vulnerability within the Flash Player application that could possibly allow a nasty ransomware virus on to a users system. To check your version click here. This will take you to Adobe's [...]